Tuesday Evening Double Trouble!

You’ve sorted the babysitter, someone else is cooking supper and it’s your one night a week when you get to spend some essential ‘me time’ with friends and fellow fitness followers, so why not make the most of your evening ‘off’ and give yourself a massive boost with a daring doubleheader of RockBox followed by Clubbercise?!

The back-to-back classes on a Tuesday at Drayton Village Hall both draw a great crowd and a few people have already taken on the challenge of doing the doubleheader and are reaping the rewards. So what do these different classes offer?

RockBox, 7 – 7.45pm

A relative newbie class at Gemma Pearce Fitness, RockBox pulls no punches! This is a high-energy, low or high impact full body workout set to killer classic and modern rock tunes. We raise our heart rates with boxing moves and tone up with drumming moves. There is also a therapy track so everyone can release pent-up frustration and aggression if you need to. RockBox is an awesome stress-busting class to rock your socks off and is suitable for complete beginners or hardened fitness fanatics.

Clubbercise, 8 – 8.45pm

If you like your exercise to feel more like a night out than a work out, Clubbercise is for you! The easy-to-follow dance moves with glow sticks and disco lights are accompanied by 90s dance anthems and club hits. There are high and low impact options so it’s perfect for all fitness levels. This is a fabulous mash-up of fun, energy and awesome music that transports you back to your youthful life on the dance floor.

Both RockBox and Clubbercise are fantastic social events as well as a great workout and whether you like to just get lost in the music and your memories or you want to turn the evening into a total sweat-fest, you’ll get maximum enjoyment levels and feel great about yourself. Both classes are friendly and welcoming – friendships are made and support is freely given!

Although tricky to measure, calories burned per hour is a good guide for how effective a type of exercise is. Exact amounts also depend on body type, gender and age but as a guide, low/moderate aerobic exercise can burn around 455 calories per hour and high impact aerobic exercise can burn up to 664 calories per hour.

So a doubleheader of RockBox and Clubbercise has the potential of burning over 1300 calories – now that’s something to shout about! If you’d like to join us at Drayton Village Hall, click here to book your place.

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