Ready to Rock?

I had an awesome time on a RockBox training day recently. Our new instructor Karen and I spent a day learning all about RockBox - it was such an inspiring session. We felt energised and empowered... even after the boxing and drumming moves had wiped us out!

I’m so excited about launching RockBox with Karen. In the class we will be raising our heart rates with high intensity boxing moves and toning up with drumming moves. There is also a therapy track so everyone can release pent-up frustration and aggression if they need to. This will be an awesome stress-busting class to rock your socks off!

The drumming and boxing workout to killer rock music was brain-boosting and stress-relieving. These types of exercise are great for improving our decision-making, boosting our immune system, lowering our blood pressure and decreasing fatigue and chronic pain.

The training day had a great impact on my mood, as is shown in studies where people report feeling more content, more awake and calmer after exercise. Physical exercise is even being ‘prescribed’ by doctors to treat mild depression. With little cost and no side effects, it’s the ideal treatment to start people on the path to better mental wellbeing.

Our training day reminded me how exercise is not just great for our physical state but also our mental wellbeing. I know from my own experience that getting more active has relieved periods of anxiety and stress in my life.

I’ve also seen a great improvement in self-esteem and confidence in some of the people who come to my classes. The supportive groups with a shared focus definitely helps and spending time doing something physical makes us feel better about ourselves, especially when you see and feel great results. I’m positive that the new RockBox class will help to improve self-confidence still further, along with reducing stress and anxiety by releasing aggression in a healthy and safe environment.

Anyone can take part in RockBox as you can go entirely at your own pace. Whether you’ve had a great day or the worst day, this class will make you feel better!

Karen and I have loved creating the playlists for the classes! You’re in for a treat – with classic and modern rock music on the list – you’ll be rediscovering the rock star within you! And if you’re not into rock music, you’ll be addicted by the end of the class.

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