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Latest Newsletter - 20.11.2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Keep your eyes peeled for my annual Black Friday sale! * huge discounts on online class bundles * early bird discounts on new online programmes * a VERY limited number of Zumba/Zumba Gold/Gold Aerobics/Groovelates block bookings for face to face classes in 2023

As an email subscriber, you’ll hear about it first-look out for an email on Thursday! Lots of love Gemma x

Face to Face Classes this week

Pilates for Mobilising the Body

Following on from last week’s Pilates for Arthritis, we’re going to continue to mobilise and lubricate the joints! Get the video to do ‘on demand’ or join me live for the recording on Monday 21st Nov at 9.30am

Accelerator HIIT - a HIIT class that gets faster and faster and faster!

Join me for a tough HIIT workout! Monday 21st Nov 7pm PLUS receive the recording by email afterwards so it doesn't matter if you can't make it live

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