Happy leggings, happy you!

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I bought the most loveliest pair of leggings recently (you may have seen me showing them off at a class near you!) they are covered in multi-coloured stars and they make me so happy!

I’m very lucky that I have a job that makes me happy and I get to wear stretchy lycra almost all day. Every now and again I get to treat myself with a new piece of ‘essential’ work kit - it feels soooo good!!

I decided to investigate what creates this exhilarating feeling and, no surprise, there have been lots of research studies into why shopping makes us happy. Apparently, it improves our self-esteem. For instance, buying a posh car can boost feelings of power or buying a classy magazine can make us feel more intelligent. So, buying a product that subconsciously links to something in our self-identity gives us the boost.

Treating ourselves with some retail therapy can give us a pick-me-up if we’ve had a stressful week at work or we’re going through a tough time. Shopping is also a good distraction from other worries that we’re facing and buying just one nice thing can be seen as ‘essential maintenance’, taking care of ourselves for a change.

Without going over the top and shopping beyond our means, retail therapy can’t always be the answer, but it can have these benefits:

1. Better mood

Shopping for a new outfit, pair of shoes or face cream can seriously improve our mood, giving us a satisfied feeling of self-indulgence.

2. Sense of achievement

You can decide to buy a new pair of leggings or a t-shirt as a reward when you’ve completed a month of great exercise or when you lose an inch from your waist.

3. Confidence boost

Whether you need an outfit for a ‘family do’ or a job interview, when you find the right one, it makes you feel like you’re ready for anything.

4. Sheer enjoyment

It’s fun to find the perfect new pair of leggings and turn up to your next class in them or look forward to sharing a picture on Facebook. You’re bound to get great compliments and envious glances from Claire and me!

So, if it’s been a while since you treated yourself to a new pair of spangly leggings, go on, take a look at some of my favourite websites like Tikiboo or Lucy Locket Loves, or visit any number of high street stores like H&M, Next, M&S or TKMaxx. I look forward to seeing your fabulous choices next time I see you in person or online!

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