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Get Gloved Up To Get Fit!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Thinking of trying out a new exercise class? Seen our new Punch & Crunch class advertised but not sure what it’s all about? Read on for my take on why getting gloved-up to pummel the pads and working your whole body is exhausting AND enjoyable!

As well as the amazing benefits of trying something new, challenging yourself, meeting new people, etc. etc. boxing is one of the best cardio exercises for your body. Some people are still a little intimidated about boxing for fitness but the demand for our Boxfit class has been so strong over the years!

Here’s why our Boxfit gang love to pick a fight!

1. Bad day? – Boxfit is the perfect way to channel your frustrations in a controlled way, it makes you feel calmer as you release all that aggression safely.

2. Mental agility – Studies show that the training techniques adopted by boxers using punchbags and sparring lead to an improvement in decision-making skills. Boxing also boosts self-belief and self-esteem in those that lack physical confidence. 3. Better discipline – As you may have heard, boxing is all about discipline. The discipline you develop in Boxfit can transfer to other areas of your life, like eating and drinking, helping you take control and stick with a healthier lifestyle.

4. Hand-eye coordination – Boxfit works out both the left and right side of the body (unlike some sports such as tennis or golf) so your body improves evenly on both sides without any alignment issues.

5. Strong to the core – We work on abdominal strength and stability so that you would be able to take a punch and keep your balance. A strong core reduces problems like back pain and improves posture. 6. Strong muscles – As we get older, strengthening our muscles is as important as getting out of breath during exercise. Boxfit strengthens muscles and improves our reaction times and balance – a real benefit in older age.

So there’s no need to worry about beefcake muscles or black eyes, Boxfit is an all round fabulous way to get and stay fit!

Our new class mixes Abs toning exercises with Boxfit so it’s really the best combination!

Get booked in here

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