Checking in with our instructors in lockdown!

I feel really positive that I’ve been able to teach the usual classes at the usual times to the usual people – just from home rather than in a big hall. I never thought I’d be able to keep going with this and whilst it’s very different to being at the front of a class in person, I can imagine the people down the camera in their living rooms, bedrooms or gardens. It’s also been great to test out some new class ideas online - easier than doing it in an expensive hall. I love that lots of you are using your time to try out different types of classes too.

Getting to grips with technology has been a steep learning curve during lockdown. I’m so proud that with a little help I managed to move my business to function online. Obviously my other major challenge has been working the teaching around being a single parent and keeping Lucy happy and busy. She’s been magnificent, almost never interrupts and loves to copy what I do ‘for the ladies’.

Exercise is everything at the moment. Keeping me sane, keeping me moving, keeping me very busy! I’ve got a renewed love of all the different classes we offer.

What will Gemma Pearce Fitness look like after lockdown? That’s a question I‘ve been asking myself quite a bit lately, I wonder if it will be ever be exactly the same as it was. I’ve been delighted with the popularity of the online classes and I know it has opened up different classes to people who couldn’t otherwise come to some classes. I’ve also loved being able to put Lucy to bed at night and not be out for many evenings, so I think I’ll keep an online element of the business and combine it with physical classes.

I’ll miss being able to hug people when we get classes going again but it will be brilliant to see everyone. I know how much you’ve missed seeing each other and scheduling your favourite classes into your weekly routine.

But it’s not just me. All our instructors are missing physically meeting up with the participants of their Gemma Pearce Fitness classes and we’re all really looking forward to seeing everyone in person. Here I asked them about how they’re doing, what their challenges are and how they are getting on with online classes!


I was so sad to suspend my sports massage business, so I’m grateful that I can still teach my fitness classes. It’s keeping my teaching skills up to scratch and also my sanity. I can visualise the network of friends that I teach via Facebook and knowing we’re all enjoying ourselves is the best feeling.

Like most people, the list of things I’m most looking forward to after lockdown is pretty long! I can’t wait to see all your friendly faces in a physical class, hopefully sharing the stage with the other instructors and having a mega workout party with everyone!

As well as taking huge enjoyment from sharing my love of Zumba and Pilates online, I also love how teaching the classes helps me keep track of the days which can blend a bit with all the homeschooling, etc. The classes give me some time for myself and keep my activity levels up. The kids know now that my treatment room has become mum’s workout studio!


Like Claire, I’m trying to manage homeschooling my two small boys. I think there’s a big pressure to achieve many different roles that we’re not used to. Despite the constant interruptions in the day, I’m enjoying spending time with the kids, doing new things together and I’ve also managed to pick up some old hobbies that were previously side-lined.

After lockdown, I can’t wait to break out of the limited rectangle of my living room and teach in a bigger space again! I’m not sure how much more my light fittings can take! I’m so looking forward to getting back into the old routine and seeing friends and family again.

I’m finding that exercise is invaluable for keeping my body moving and my mind positive. I can’t always find the time to walk with my boys every day so teaching RockBox and Clubbercise gives me the exercise I need at home. The positive vibes around the online classes give me as much of a lift as those taking part.


I was supposed to be running the London Marathon in April but I had a bad knee so actually it was a good time for it to be postponed for me! I have managed to get back out running recently. I think everything happens for a reason and we need to focus on what we can do and not what we can’t, then things don’t seem quite so bad.

One of our biggest challenges at home was not going out, we are keeping my husband shielded as he has leukaemia. Thankfully friends went shopping for us until I could book a delivery slot with Tesco. At home, we’ve got into a routine with my husband working from the home office upstairs and me teaching classes downstairs, our kids are too old to home school thank goodness!

I’ve loved going online with the fitness classes - it gives me a reason to get up in the mornings, gives me motivation and purpose each day – and helps to remind me what day it is! Exercise is my life and I couldn’t live without it, it keeps me sane and makes me feel ‘normal’ – whatever that is!

I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with the other instructors and we all hope to see you soon.

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