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Exercise is at its most effective when it’s fun and there’s no better example of this than Clubbercise!

Still as popular now as when we launched it 4 years ago, the devotees of Clubbercise just can’t get enough of the high energy, top tunes and glow sticks. Many say it feels more like a night out than a workout but boy do they leave with quite a ‘glow’ having burned hundreds of calories!

We offer two Clubbercise classes per week – in Didcot on Mondays and Drayton on Tuesdays and the classes are often fully booked. Over 100,000 people take part in Clubbercise which has become a worldwide phenomenon across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We asked our Clubbercise tribe what gets them excited about the class:

“It’s so much fun, the time goes really fast. Before you know it, it’s time for the cool-down music.”

“I love the darkness! You can get lost in the music and you don’t feel self-conscious at all. There are people of all shapes and sizes and ages – everyone just gets stuck in!”

“The routines are easy to pick up so it doesn’t matter if you’re uncoordinated like me. I don’t really like aerobics but this doesn’t feel like that.”

“The music takes me back to my mis-spent youth! I love the glow sticks and disco lights. What a party every week!”

Complete beginners and those returning to exercise after a break are very welcome at Clubbercise, it’s very welcoming and non-judgemental. There are high and low impact versions of the moves to suit all fitness levels, the moves are based on dance steps with some toning and combat moves thrown in.

It’s not compulsory to wear neon but the Clubbercise tribe love to add to the party atmosphere! Just come in comfy leggings and a t-shirt or vest with some decent trainers. Your very own glow sticks are purchased when you sign up and they play an important part in the class every week. Other than remembering those, just bring a towel and a bottle of water – you’ll need it!

Find out more and book yourself into Clubbercise at

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