About Karen

I’m so thrilled to be a RockBox instructor at Gemma Pearce Fitness - it’s a completely new fitness class that combines boxing and drumming exercise to killer rock tunes and is a stress-busting workout for the body and mind!

Like lots of people, redundancy from my corporate job made me rethink my future and has given me the opportunity to reassess what I really want to do and how it can fit around my family commitments. I’ve been a front row devotee at Clubbercise for a while and when Gemma suggested that she was looking for someone to take on a new workout challenge, I was intrigued. She introduced me to RockBox, which neither of us had done before, and we were hooked!

I took my Exercise to Music course to give me the basics of fitness instruction and we undertook the RockBox training together. I think we’re amoung the first to offer this workout in the South of England so it’s very exciting to be a trailblazer!

I think the best exercise happens when you’re just enjoying yourself and it doesn’t feel like hard work. All Gemma Pearce Fitness classes are really supportive, open to everyone and easy to pick up – that’s really important. I got this feeling from Clubbercise and that’s what we’re going to get with RockBox.

This is the start of a new chapter in my life, so I’ll be donning my microphone headset, preparing my air guitar and channelling my inner rock star in Drayton on Tuesday nights from now on – come and join me!

Join Karen at:


Tuesdays 7pm RockBox at Drayton Village Hall


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