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About Claire

Working full time with three young children, I found that I didn’t have the time for my first fitness love – netball. My Mum suggested I try Zumba with her and I’ve been hooked ever since.


The atmosphere in the class is so friendly and fun, we have such a laugh. I soon became a ‘front row geek’, knowing all the steps and loving the music! I’ve made some great friends, we all get on really well.


Gemma asked me if I’d be interested in taking on the class to cover her maternity leave and at first I thought she was mad. When I pondered it some more, I thought, well I’m going along anyway, I might as well! So after passing a gruelling 10 hour Level 1 training day with 44 other instructors, I’ve now moved from the front row to facing the class and loving it!


We’re always introducing new music and steps to the class and as long as I remember to give them all the right directions and think about the next steps rather than getting caught up in the music, we get along fine!


My Zumba buddies will know very well that I’m a bit obsessed with leggings, I’ve got loads of pairs. Becoming a fully-fledged Zumba instructor gave me the perfect excuse to build my collection even more!

Join Claire at:


Monday morning Zumba in Didcot

Monday evening Zumba Gold & Fitness Pilates in Abingdon

Wednesday mornings Gentle Fitness Pilates & Zumba Gold in Abingdon

Wednesdays evening Zumba in Steventon

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