Get boxing fit at this fun, high energy, fast paced class that really gets results! 

You’ll learn boxing punches while using gloves and pads, alongside interval exercises and super circuits. So not only will you be sparring with a partner, you'll be doing press-ups, squats, skipping, and ab exercises. 

Boxing is well known as one of the best cardio exercises for the body, plus we add in toning exercises for total body fitness!

Boxfit is suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced participants. Your starting fitness level is not an issue as you work at your own pace - easier and harder options are given for every exercise and will challenge you whatever your fitness level.

5 reasons to join a Boxfit class:

- Bad day? Channel your frustrations in a controlled way, it makes you feel calmer as you release all that aggression safely. 

- Mental health. Studies show that sparring boosts self-belief and self-esteem 

- Hand-eye coordination

- Core strength - reduces back pain and improves posture and balance.

- Strong muscles – Boxfit strengthens muscles and improves our reaction times and balance.

  • Our current classes are listed below.

  • These classes run in 5 - 7 week blocks that roughly match school terms. We do not offer drop in classes.

  • If your chosen class is fully booked - contact us to be added to the waiting list for next term. 

  • Please read our terms & conditions below before booking.


Chilton Village Hall

with Gemma


Steventon Village Hall

with Tina

Course Terms & Conditions

Courses must be paid in full and in advance

There is no transferral of classes from course to course, day of the week, or person to person

No refunds will be given once the course has started or within 7 days of the start date

Refunds may be offered for cancellations made more than 7 days before the course begins

Classes will run on every date advertised during the course, except in cases of circumstances out of the instructor’s control. An alternative class will always be offered if classes are cancelled but no refunds will be given.

What do I need to bring? 


You will need to bring your own mat. These can be purchased cheaply in supermarkets, in sports shops or online. They come in various sizes, thicknesses and pretty colours! We recommend this one.


Bring your mat along as well as a bottle of water and a towel.


Wear stretchy or loose clothing and arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time. 


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